Movie Review: Epic Movie

I’ve seen Scary Movie. Scary Movie 2. Scary Movie 3. Scary Movie 4. I thought they were all funny.

Because of this, one might expect that I would enjoy Epic Movie which contains much of the same cast and is the same type of movie.

I certainly expected to not hate it when I went to see it.

Wow, was I wrong.

This movie was so painful to watch. The only reason I didn’t leave was because the chairs were comfortable and I didn’t feel like getting up.

After all, a movie has to be REALLY BAD for me to walk out.

In fact the only movie I’ve ever walked out of was Crash with James Spader and Holly Hunter. That was amazingly bad.

So Epic Movie wasn’t nearly that bad, but I’m glad to know that I won’t end oup with the DVD in my library.

In a way, seeing this movie in the theater saved me $10!

Just in case I’m not being clear here, Epic Movie was bad, bad, bad.


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