Movie Review: Smokin Ace

I saw a double-feature today. First I saw Smokin Ace and then I went to see Epic Movie.

I wouldn’t say that Smokin Ace was a bad movie, but it wasn’t a great movie. There is a potential for a great story here. Jeremy Piven is given a good backdrop and should have beenĀ able to shine as an actor. I think he’s very talented and probably saved this movie by delivering an emotional performance.

Smokin Ace is ultimately a disposable movie. It was ok, but not worth seeing a second time. It won’t find its way on my shelf when the DVD comes out. It’s worth a rental, but probably not the expense of owning the disk.

Just an update (6 months later). I found Spokin Ace in the 4 for $20 bin at the local Blockbuster. Ok, Smokin Ace for $5 and I don’t have to use gas and time to return it. I guess I can justify that.

Watching it the second time was actually more enjoyable.

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