Movie Review: Reno 911

I have never watched this TV show, but several of the people starting in Reno 911 (the TV show and the movie) were in a comedy skit show on MTV called "The State."

I loved The State.

Reno 911 is like an episode of Cops gone wrong. In that is found the humor. These are the people TV producers are not likely to be following…ever.

I can’t say I’m entirely sure if there was a plot, but the entire film was cohesive given its context. At no point did the film seem like a series of skits, tied together. Compare this to Austin Powers, where some scenes feel totally disconnected from the rest of the movie.

Some of the humor is a bit over the top in toilet humor and sex humor that makes Payton Place seem like a book about a day at Church. I would suggest that parents should never take children to see this movie.

Reno 911 was entertaining. I’m not sure if it will make it in my DVD library…probably not. I would rent it once though.

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