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My memory of Jack Valenti … when I stepped on him

 Jack Valenti, former White House aide and President of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) died this week after having suffered a stroke in March of 2007. Reading this news reminded me of the amazing impact  Jack Valenti had on the nation…the movie ratings system was created under his watch and brough the movie industry from…

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Keys To A Profitable Home Based Business

The key to success in any business is profitability. Any business can operate indefinitely as long as it is profitable. Few businesses start at a profit, so the goal for any business owner is to move towards profitability as quickly as possible. To build a profitable home based business, focus on these simple keys: Focus…

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You Call This Global Warming?

It’s the middle of April in Washington, DC and it’s 45 degrees. It’s been like this alllllllll week. I’m not sure what happened with the Cherry Blossom festival. I would have stayed inside anyway. In spite of being from upstate New York, I’m not a fan of the cold. I have very little body fat…

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