New Sony Vaio VGN-CR190

I am finally running Windows Vista.

Uhm, ok.

What’s more exciting is the fact that I’m running it on my new Sony Vaio CR190. It has a hard, glossy red shell that looks like the paint job on a sports car.

It’s much zippier than my previous laptop and there’s a neat button for turning off the display without sleeping the system.

Out of the box, I decided to try out the build in cam and record a video for YouTube.

The software Sony provides is functional, though designed with the poorest user interface I’ve seen since the days of the Commodore 64. It works though, so I started a recording and spoke for about 90 seconds.

During playback, I noticed that the video and audio were drifting out of sync. By the end of the video, it’s out of sync by about 2-3 seconds.


I got online and contacted Sony technical support. Mind you, I tried this before installing anything on the computer.

The first Sony support agent gave me the URL to the Sony utilities download and suggested I do a reinstal.

Ok, fine, but this problem happens "out of the box."

That didn’t work so I contacted Sony Technical Support again.

I so wish I saves the chat transcript. It deserves to be pasted in this post.

The support agent told me to use the restore DVD to put it back to the original software. She said "I am confident this will fix the problem."

Uhm, once again, this problem happens "out of the box." If the DVDs resotre me to factory settings, how is that going to be any different?

I downloaded some alternative software and the problem still happened…so then I installed a Creative Webcam and tried it.

Works just fine.

So the CR190 is still pretty cool, but the built in cam was probably not tested at Sony and I hope that someday technical support will listen to a customer that takes the time to report a problem and not argue with them to perform a logically-void process to "fix the problem."

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