Flying To San Francisco

Two weeks ago, I attended the Klemmer and Assocviates Personal Mastery event in North Carolina. I thought it was such a great event, I registered for the very next Advanced Leadership Training.

I don’t normally get up early in the morning anymore.

I don’t have to.

So here I am at Washington Dulles. It’s 7:39. I’m drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee (the best) and waiting for my flight.

This brings back memories.

I was tempted to add a day and go to my favorite place to eat in San Francisco: The Stinking Rose

Any place with a motto like "We season our garlic with food" deserves a bit of notice.

Let’s see…Plumpjack’s of San Francisco also rocks. The food is totally different from The Stinking Rose.

My wife also taught me how to enjoy China Town by eating all the comfort foods of China…which are usually the least expensive too.

I think it helps when you a.) know what those foods are and b.) speak Chinese.

Of ocurse, that could be me.

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