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Chinese herb Ban Zhi Lian Under FDA Study For Cancer Treatment

The Chinese herb Ban Zhi Lian is getting some attention as extracts are under trial as a means of fighting cancer. Also used for inflammation, Ban Zhi Lian contains hundreds of phytochemicals and may not have any one specific “therapeudic agent.” Because of this the FDA approach of “one molecule per study” might not yield…

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Review: The Sony Ebook Reader Brings Cool To Print

The bottom line: The coolest thing about the Sony Ebook Reader is the device itself. The paperback-book-size unit fits the hand very well. I would like a touch screen to highlight text (as could be done with the old RCA Ebook Reader), but in reality I didn’t use that feature very often with the old…

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Even a Miracle Needs a Hand

Even A Miracle Needs A Hand It’s rare that I look for some piece of information and not find it on the internet, and even more rare when I can actually supply that information and be the first person to share it with the world. I recently looked for the lyrics to “Even A Miracle…

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