Chinese herb Ban Zhi Lian Under FDA Study For Cancer Treatment

The Chinese herb Ban Zhi Lian is getting some attention as extracts are under trial as a means of fighting cancer. Also used for inflammation, Ban Zhi Lian contains hundreds of phytochemicals and may not have any one specific “therapeudic agent.” Because of this the FDA approach of “one molecule per study” might not yield results as profound as the use of the whole plant. Unfortunately, the US is well behind every other country on the planet that recognizes the synergistic value of phytochemical combinations and isn’t obsessed with the FDA’s arcane, and fundamentally wrong, approach to the study of natural medicine. It is possible that the extract under study is close enough to providing the whole plant benefits so let’s all hope for the best.

The upside is that there’s a study. People at the FDA might be clueless about this field of research (I know some individuals in research positions and yes, they are clueless and pray at the altar of their own “poop don’t stink), but We The People are the ones who consent to allow them to exist and our demands will eventually force them to study what we want studied or we’ll have our representatives shut them down and form an agency that is willing to and capable of doing The People’s business.

Here’s a link to an article in Time about the lastest study.

In the end, the lives of many will benefit from a positive outcome and that should always be the desire.

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  4. Mesothelioma on April 19, 2011 at 6:24 am

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