Spinach and Anchovies?

I love spinach. It’s a great source of magnesium, iron and even calcium. About 24 hours after harvesting, it has used up about 90% of its own Vitamin C content, but that’s why I take a high-quality antioxidant supplement.

While a plain, raw spinach salad is great, I wanted to play around a bit as well.

Here, I start out with a hot wok and heat anchovies in olive oil until they dissolve. Did you know anchovies dissolve in heat?

Next, I add the spinach and toss. It doesn’t need to be cooked until soggy. The spinach will wilt slightly, but it will have a great texture and the anchives, believe it or not, add a nice flavor from the brine.


By the way, in spite of the fact that I have some very nice digital cameras, I shot these pics with my Blackberry 8100 Camera Phone. It’s handy and it’s almost always within reach…

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