Fantastic Site on MLM and Network Marketing

When you Google MLM or Network Marketing (or any subject for that matter), you will find sites telling you how MLM is a scam and other “anti-” sites. Some of these sites I personally know to be run by people who have never experienced any form of business success (one is bankrupt and has lost every libel and slander suit brought against him by the different industries he attacks) and yet people take the information from these sites like it was gospel.

What nonsense.

By the way, you can also find web sites telling you the Earth is physically flat, the moon landing was faked and that the computer chip comes from alien technology salvaged from Roswell.

Finally, a successful professional who teaches MLM and Network Marketing at the University of Illinois has created a web site that teaches the facts about MLM.

Tim Sales is a class act and the information on this site is a great collection of truth.

Anyone who wants to the learn the facts about Network Marketing and MLM (they’re the same thing) should read through this site.

It is true that MLM isn’t for everyone. I’ve personally talked some people out of doing it because they’re own personalities were not conducive to running any type of business. That wasn’t a problem with MLM but because some people are so desperate to find blame in everything outside of their world for the problems they are causing in their world, MLM becomes an easy target.

If you’re looking to have your own home business, MLM provides an opportunity you can’t find any where else. You need to find the right company and you need to learn what you need to know to grow and develop skills that you may not have right now. The hidden advantage is that the experience will leave you with skills that benefit you in any profession and type of business. MLM is almost like a personal development course in disguise.

As you grow, so does your success.

I don’t believe MLM is the only way to make money and for some people it’s not even a good way to make money. Each person needs to become educated and individually decide if it is the right approach for them.

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