Study Seeks To Understand Why Poor Children Are Heavy

In the not-so-distant past, the more affluent were heavier than the poor. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they were also the ones eating the expensive, refined foods. In China, for example, only the ruling class ate white rice and they were also the ones who suffered from obesity, and other related illnesses. Studies of Egyptian mummies also reveals similar divisions between the rich and the poor.

Fast forward to today where, according to an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one dollar buys you about 1,200 calories of refined foods like bread and chips and that same dollar buys you about 300 calories of fresh veggies. If you’re uneducated about nutrition and think it’s all about calories, where would you spend your money if you had a limited budget? According to a recent USDA study, about 90% of those dollars goes to refined and processed foods, so it’s pretty obvious where those dollars are being spent.

With an epidemic of obesity, it’s time for some study grants!

Researchers are looking further into the issue of why people who eat mostly high calorie, low-nutrient diets are suffering from obesity and related illnesses.

For those who think the answer is obvious…that’s because you don’t have grant money behind it. 😉

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