Are You A Go Taker?

After reading "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann for a second time this week, I started thinking about some of the people around me and how they relate to this story. This isn’t about any lofty moral superiority but rather about learning lessons by seeing the actions of others as a looking glass.

In The Go-Giver, we see a contrast between a "Go Getter" and a "Go Giver." There’s nothing wrong with a go getter. They can be good people, just as Joe is a good go getter in the story. As a go getter matures and realizes their motivation and action is a good thing but not a complete picture, they hopefully discover the insight that The Go-Giver imparts. There is however a third type of person that is even more off track and is almost like a bull in a china shop.

That’s the "Go Taker."

The go taker isn’t just running out there to make a sale and make numbers for the month. They really have no regard for what the other person is getting out of the deal. Win/Win is something they might say but totally don’t understand.

A go giver is highly motivated and might be a little too eager for rewards and just needs some refinement…and a copy of "The Go-Giver." That’s a growth issue and I think we should all pray for such wisdom and growth every day.

A go taker is so self-motivated they’re not just in need of refinement. A swift kick in the butt is probably in order too.

This all comes up because of a friend. I think he means well but when I look at some of the opportunities he’s been placed in the middle of, and how little he needed to do to benefit from those positions, it’s amazing to me how they were royally screwed up by his self-directed actions. For someone who claims to be a Follower, there’s no way he could believe he was told to behave this way by God. Sheesh.

I don’t want to give specifics because my intent here isn’t to call anyone out and all of us, myself included, certainly are prone to crossing the line between self-preservation and "what the heck are you thinking?" from time to time. The difference here is that this person sets everything up in such a way that I’ve yet to find anyone around him not see through the deception and the self-serving nature of his actions. It’s like WOW.

For him, being a go getter would be a step up.

A different friend of mine recently told me he’s resigned himself to the fact that he’s going to lose his house. He’s already in foreclosure. His solution therefore is to simply accept it, be relaxed and to make no effort to build his income or change his situation. He’s even stopped all activity with his home business until after he’s been booted from his home. For the past four years, I have received communication from him (around December) telling me how he’s "really going to do it this year" and I can "hold him to it this time." Activity never follows.

I can understand the stress of massive financial challenges. I’ve had some big ups and downs too. I’m still flabbergasted that the conscious decision to cease all effort to be faithful to one’s talents. That’s like saying after the fireplace gives me some heat, I’ll go chop some wood and start a fire.

Sorry, but that’s a go taker too. Pure self.

Another friend, stopped in the middle of a self-development program because he refused to journal the things that he was currently dissatisfied with in his life. He didn’t want to "dwell" on them and decided that stopping all self-development efforts was the solution.

That’s a go taker.

I can think of so many more examples, but then I’d cross from being reflective to "pure ass."

It’s interesting to see how people react when backed into a corner. Some people will just sit there and suck their thumbs in a fetal position and call that "acceptance." Others will come to grips with where they are and then set their intent on where they want to be. How to get there may still be one heck of a challenge and how that journey unfolds is a great reflection of character. At the end of that journey (or at the myriad way points along the way), there’s always going to be change from the natural growth that occurs as a result of the doing. The go simply expect that as soon as they study the right thing and "mull it over" long enough that they will simply get their results while still standing at point A. Study is great–you should see my collection–but it needs to come with application, reflection and correction…and that’s how someone matures from a go getter to a go giver.

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