How do you tell this to get off the couch?

This is my dog Punkie. He’s originally from Florida but he’s handling the DC weather quite well.


Yep, he’s a happy dog.

If you buy him something that is supposed to be a bed, he doesn’t like it so much. Howeever throw an old comforter on the floor and he’s in paradise.


He used to have a favorite ball, but it got thrown out…he’s currently taking applications for a new favorite toy. The yoga ball is the current lead.

Snow is a bit of a problem. He likes to know there’s grass under his butt.

 When there’s no snow, he likes to play frisbee for hours. It’s funny too because his legs are short so he trips over it sometimes…

Eventually he tires and will sit in the sun/shade until I make him come inside…

So when he decides he wants to nap on the couch, how am I supposed to say no? I’m not made of stone. I don’t want him messing up the white couch, or leaving hair behind though so he sleeps on layers of beach towels and a fleece pad…he doesn’t seem to mind.

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