VisualCV: The new resume?

A good friend of mine just officially launched a new web service called VisualCV. It provides a media-rich was to build an online resume. What makes it better than something like is the way your information is presented and also the ability to create resumes that are targeted for different segments from your expertise.

For example, I made a very simple one that just highlights my marketing experience.

Soon, I’ll add a video to this as well.

I could also create one that highlights my technical management experience and perhaps another that highlights me as a professional speaker and a fourth as a certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

VisualVCs can be made public or private (to keep it out of Google) and you can also share private VisualCVs with individuals through a sharing interface.


There are many challenges for services like VisualCV. For example, how do you present yourself on the Internet if you’re not actively seeking employment? I think you have a right and a personal duty to keep your resume updated but there are a lot of untalented managers out there who wouldn’t think kindly about seeing your current resume live on the web. How about search engine issues? If Google picks up your CV and you want to remove it, is Google going to make that easy enough to do? Certainly these aren’t new issues, but they are ones that will need resolution.

For a site that just hit the airwaves on Monday, I must say it has a lot of polish. I wish them a lot of success.



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