Death Threat Elmo: Marketing Opportunity?

If you haven’t heard, a woman in Tampa claims that her son’s Elmo doll says "Kill James."

I’ll admit that’s probably not what I would consider optimal performance in a toy.

There’s a round up here if you want to read all the accounts:

The bigger question is, how will Matel turn this around? These days having a stuffed toy threaten the life of your child might not be a big deal. Who knows?

Could this be turned into something like the "Coke Classic" recovery?

"We’re now offering Elmo’s that are certified to not issue death threats to your child.

Someone else’s child, manybe, but not yours.

There are a lot of options here…Better stock up on your death threat Elmo today and get it up on Ebay…once the boycot is over…don’t be an Ebay scab.


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