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Focusing Your Business Giving Creates Long Term Impact

Business directly benefit when their charitable giving is focused. By focusing your giving on those issues that align with your long term business interests and values, you experience the depth rather than the breadth of giving back. This leads to savings for your company, impact for causes and growth in private-social partnerships.

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Would You Diversify If You Had A Small Business?

Small businesses exist because they are able to provide services more competitively than larger businesses can provide and are often more versatile. Many small businesses often consist of one or two people. Some are larger. The one advantage of small businesses over larger companies is the productivity of those who work in them but…

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Building Codes – Then and Now

This article summarizes the condition of the International Building Code and its reason for existence. In contrast, the undertone of the article indicates the huge burden this places on business developers, and how a lack of common sense has permeated the code.

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