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Wait…Botox is dangerous? Why didn’t someone tell me?

Ok, so let me get this straight…there’s a toxin from a bacteria that is so dangerous, it will trash my liver if I consume only a few cells of it in tainted food…and it’s also dangerous if I inject it into my skin? Say it’s not so! That’s right.¬†From the “wait, wasn’t this totally obvious”…

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New Swine Flu Discovered To Contain Bird Flu Genes

According to a report from the Agricultural Research Service, researchers have identified a new strain of swine influenza—H2N3—which belongs to the group of H2 influenza viruses that last infected humans during the 1957 pandemic. This new strain has a molecular twist: It is composed of avian and swine influenza genes. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) veterinarians…

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How do you tell this to get off the couch?

This is my dog Punkie. He’s originally from Florida but he’s handling the DC weather quite well.   Yep, he’s a happy dog. If you buy him something that is supposed to be a bed, he doesn’t like it so much. Howeever throw an old comforter on the floor and he’s in paradise.   He…

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