Keeping Up With Your Library

I’ve been playing with for a while and it is one of the more interesting sites out there…I certainly see more value in the content that!

After obtaining a CueCat scanner (I got one for free years ago but threw it away like everyone else) I attacked a book shelf.

The CueCat What’s a CueCat? It’s a barcode scanner that looks like a cat…it was given away by places like Radio Shake and to subscribers of Wired Magazine. The idea what that stories in papers like USA Today and catalogs would have barcodes. You scan the barcode with the CueCat and a web page is displayed on your computer.

It was the perfect solution to a problem no one had.

Years later, the guys at came up with a cool use for the CueCat. If you have one, you can scan the ISBN barcode on your books instead of typing them in manually. If you don’t have a CueCat, they have some for $15 each…not bad but annoying considering I did have one that was free and I threw it away…

Here’s a random selection of 200 book covers from what I’ve scanned so far…

Photo: Creative Commons License photo credit: Si1very

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