The coolest video lighting I’ve ever seen!

If you’ve done any work with video, you probably know that the lighting generates a lot of heat. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Getting a color temp of 5600K isn’t easy with home lighting and building your own fluorescent flood light is a pain…and I have a DIY in the garage.
LED Video Light I’m a big, big fan of LED lighting. I won’t even buy CFL bulbs because they contain toxic chemicals, have an annoying buzz and don’t last long enough to justify their cost.

Nope, I’m waiting for LED replacements. There are some coming out and the performance is catching up to CFL and incandescent quickly.

Perhaps you’ve seen the LED votive candles. Those are ok, but they’re not going to change the world. Some places carry flood light and track lighting bulbs that use LEDs. That’s fine too, but I want to replace screw in bulbs as well. This one is ugly but it cost $16, uses only 4 Watts and should last 30-40 years.

LED Flashlights are already the only logical choice anymore. Battery life blows away anything out there and brightness has finally caught up with, and in some cases completely surpassed, traditional flashlights.

And I must make a mention of my absolute favorite LED lighting product of all time. The Petzl LED Headlamp. I absolutely love this thing!

But back to video lighting…big, hot and expensive to buy and expensive to operate. I haven’t had to replace a bulb yet but I’m not looking forward to replacing any of the 5600K’s I currently own.

So imagine my excitement when I found these guys on the Internet. I was jumping up and down with excitement.

Seriously, I was…just ask my dog.

Sometimes I’m glad he can’t talk.

It may seem expensive at $499 but the LEDs basically last forever, it generates very, very little heat (which means less AC to cool your house or office) and the power consumption is very, very low.

In my opinion, there is no reason to not make your next video flood light purchase one of these babies.

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