Keep it simple for your clients

As Seth Godin points out in this article, a bad customer experience leave more of an impact than a good one.

This came up recently as I was talking to the owners of a land acquisition and development company. Our marketing efforts have pulled in a ton of leads who want to buy investment properties right now.

That’s called buy low, sell high, in case you’re wondering why someone would want to buy real estate right now.

Here’s the problem, the prospect passes pre-qualification on the phone and is then sent an application. The application isn’t that complicated but the company is still waiting on 47 out of 47 to be returned.

To the company, that’s about $2,000,000 in net revenue. Ouch!

We did a bit of investigation and found out that 47 out of 47 people had started their applications but would hit a question they didn’t know how to answer, or maybe they thought they needed to provide an account balance to the penny when rounding off to the nearest $1,000 would do.

What we have here is a usability issue.

First, the application should have had instructions. It didn’t.

But as Seth Godin points out, those instructions also need to be SIMPLE. No matter how cool something is or how good a deal an investment might be, when you throw speedbumps up in front of your clients and prospects, you suffer.

When you’re working on a customer presentation, a new product, class documentation, whatever, think about the “user experience.” If you want to bring value to others, then you need to make what you do usable.

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