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USDA nutrition research focuses on cancer killing compounds found in foods

According to a news release from the halls of the USDA, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and some familiar seasonings like rosemary contain compounds that can kill cells of a childhood cancer. These studies are primarily limited to test tube research but more nutrition-focused research by molecular biologist Susan J. Zunino of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS)…

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Mining Manure for Phosphorus

Underground phosphorus deposits around the world are mined for use as a much-valued fertilizer. Now Agricultural Research Service (ARS) soil scientists Ariel Szogi, Matias Vanotti and Patrick Hunt have found a way to “mine” the phosphorus in poultry manure. In 2006, the United States produced 8.9 billion broilers–and piles and piles of residual litter rich…

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