Memories of the best April Fool’s prank ever

You’ve heard of people walling up the door to someone’s office but there’s walling up an office and there’s erasing it.

Many years ago, my good friend Brian went on vacation.  This is the perfect time to “derf” someone.

derf: prank (origin unknown)

We all liked Brian which meant that the most effort would be spent on his derfing.

At our company, we had a number of obsessive types. Attention to detail was something we could ensure.

As luck would have it, Brian’s door was at the end of the hallway. If it was along the hall, we would have been forced to tear down all the dry wall to make everything match.

We removed the door and put new drywall from floor to ceiling.

The hall was repainted so it would all match.

New molding was installed.

A working outlet was installed where the door used to be and a small table and a lamp capped it off.

A guy by the name of RS did most of the work and it really was quite amazing.

The day Brian got back from vacation, we were ready with the hidden camera.

Pranks are always more fun when they’re filmed.

Brian walked to the end of the hall and just took a left into his assistant Tanya’s office (later he said he thought we just moved the door so you had to enter through Tanya’s).

He came back out…looked at the wall…and kicked it.

After looking through the hole and verifying his office was there, he said something like “that’s pretty good work.”

Well, we were certainly impressed. 😛

Brian made the hole a bit bigger, crawled through, and proceeded to check his voice mail.

That was the reaction…which was funny in itself.

Clearly he wasn’t going to give us the satisfaction of some dramatic response.

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  1. Jake Petrykowski on April 5, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    That is hilarious! Do you have any footage or photos of this you care to share! LOL! My dad is a carpenter and will love this joke when I tell him about it. I think his reaction may be the most priceless part of the whole thing. 🙂 Jake

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