Akismet: the great comment spam killer

As of this writing, the Akismet plugin for WordPress has caught 13,899 spam comments.

I’m touched that spammers like the content on my blog so much. I mean thank you. I work hard at it.

Running WordPress with the no-follow set to on for comment links, I really wonder WHY spammers are interested in leaving comments on blogs anymore. Wasn’t the no-follow rush started about two years ago? Did these spammers not get the memo?

How about the big Askimet widget on my blog stating how many comments have been trapped?

It seems like there are clues which suggest that spammers should move onto another blog and plaster comments there.

Spammers are people too. I guess they’re just sowing lots of seed in the hopes that some will take to good soil. I hope they’re using some automated tools for it though…it seems like there are more productive things they could be doing to make money.

For example, they could work on generating real and useful content for Newsvine, Squidoo or Hubpages. All of these sites allow you to earn money for your content and they’re probably getting better traffic that “discount viagra.” It doesn’t take a lot of search engine research to see there are many, many things that are being looked for by people as opposed to most of the content I see in the spam block queue.

Or…maybe not.

Perhaps there’s real money in spam.

But…I’m not inclined to find out.

Good luck to all.

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