The joy of an organized home

I hired a professional organizer to come work on my house. She was scheduled for 5 hours today and I really had visions of everything, on both floors, to be all nifty and there to be heaps of stuff that I should have thrown away out by the curb.

Well, one room of the house looks really, really good.

It’s a start.

Getting prepared for this, I watched about a million episodes of that organizing show on HGTV, or is it TLC?

Obviously, what I saw didn’t rub off enough so I decided to get professional help.

Unlike the pros on the TV shows, Dina didn’t spend most of her time telling me what she was going to do but instead asked me to get her a few boxes and show her where some other things were and then just got to work.

Five hours of it all and she broke a sweat.

Yeah, organizing is tough work. Or…organizing my place is tough work.

I was pretty happy to write the check for her services. I have a lot of stuff to get done and the clutter was really driving me nuts. I probably would have spent two days doing what she did in five hours…who am I kidding? I’ve probably spent a year trying to do what she did in five hours.

While she worked, I kept working on my project and I think that’s supposed to be a good thing. It means I was using leverage or something.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

There’s another 2,500 feet of space left to organize, and then there’s the garage, the shed, the deck, the edge of the grove.


I’m encouraged though. I’ve seen organization…I think I’ll put a glass wall in front of that door.

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