Handy Personal Branding Tactics With Social Media

I was inspired by this great post from Chris Brogan and probably the most interesting piece is the presentation of categories regarding social media. Here’s my summary of them.


By mingling online with other people in your niche you not only gain great opportunities for new ideas, you also get seen by the people watching those other people. You should also have some awareness of what people might be saying about you, by setting up searches in Google and Technorati. Chris refers to these as ego searches, and they are, but they are also prime opportunities to respond to someone else’s post/reference to you. Finally checking incoming links is a really good thing too. Share and enjoy I always say. If I see someone linking to one of my posts, I’m certainly going to put them on my short list for linking back in a future post of mine.

Home Base

Get a blog! That should be enough, but blogs today are starting to look like some of the personal web sites people were setting up in the Netscape days…awful graphics, flashing text, badly mastered audio blaring automatically when the site is loaded…your blog doesn’t look like that, does it? With WordPress, Blogger and the other blogger services/systems out there, there are plenty of clean-looking, fast-loading templates from which to choose. Keep it simple.


Passports are those social media tools which leave residual effects. These include [Twitter->How to get started with Twitter], [StumbleUpon->How to get started with Stumbleupon], Digg, LinkedIn, VisualCV (which isn’t really a social media site but still gives you a great way to present yourself that can’t be done with any other tool), YouTube, PodoMatic, Scribed, and Yahoo! Answers.

There are many potential passport sites, but it is really NOT worth your time to wade through too many of them. Get started with a few and don’t spread yourself too thin.


I’ve never consciously thought of an outpost before but I sure make heavy use of them. Outposts are sources of incoming pointers. For example, if you don’t have your own [email list->How to create and manage your own email list], start one now. In the footer of your list, you can refer back to your blog. You can also write messages that talk about a post on your blog and point the reader back for the rest.

Any other profiles that you have on sites like LinkedIn, StumbleUp, Twitter, etc., should also have pointers back to your blog.

You can write articles for sites like EzineArticles.com (if you don’t, you should). With each article you can include a “resource box” which says who you are, how you help others and where they can go to learn about you, your service or product, etc.

Repeat after me: “gold mine

Finally, you should be reading the blogs of others. When you leave a relevant comment (and you should), you have the opportunity of leaving your blog address in the comment form. DO NOT put your URL in the actual post. That’s considered SPAM, even if the URL is actually directly related to your point and even if having it would be enormously helpful to anyone reading your comment. Most bloggers are very uppity about this so leave your URL out of the comment.


I think marketing Jedi Master Rohn Reese says it best: the Internet is real estate. Every time you create content, you are creating real estate out of thin air.

  • Write articles
  • Write blog posts
    • Listen to my [recent podcast->http://www.davesaunders.net/blog/podcast/] for ideas on what to blog about
  • Make videos: using a Flip Video you can make videos in minutes. Upload the video to YouTube and then embed that video in your blog. Tada! You have video on your blog!


  • Comment on other blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter Tweets, etc.
  • Invite comments about your blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

Be a great listener. When you encounter negative comments on your own posts, avoid the urge to just delete them. How about responding to them?


As I mentioned on my uStream show last night, GIVE. People expect a person so be a person. If you make a mistake, don’t try to hide it.

Be real.

Face to Face

That’s right, there’s still a real world out there.

Join Toastmasters!

Have a business card, or have two. They can be a great way to drive traffic to your site!

Instead of putting on your earbuds and shutting out the world, how about saying hello to people?

You don’t have to be a fashion plate, but have a little care of your appearance. First impressions do matter, like it or not.


The word promote simply means “to make known.”

You don’t have to be a dork.

Stumble, Tweet and Digg your best content.

Stumble, Tweet and Digg the best content of others in your field.

Share and enjoy.

How about you? Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Ron Maxim on August 17, 2008 at 1:42 am

    Thanks for the recap. Being new to social media, I tend to gain many pointers from your posts. Keep it up, you are appreciated!
    Ron M

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