10 Commandments of Social Media Interview With Charles Heflin

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I had the privilege of interviewing Charles Heflin about his research into SEO and Social Media and wow we maximize the potential of social media.

His recent blog post “The Ten Social Media Commandments” provides fascinating insight into the world of social media and contrasts it to some of the common practices of Internet Marketing.

It’s a must read and the audio interview above expands on the incredible insight of Charles Heflin even further.

The 10 Social Media Commandments, brought from the mountain top by Charles Heflin:

Commandment 1: Thou shall gain the trust of your audience.
Commandment 2: Thou shall not misuse social media networks for link love.
Commandment 3: Thou shall promote two-way communication.
Commandment 4: Thou shall have educational, entertaining or enlightening content.
Commandment 5: Thou shall unlearn old Internet marketing rules.
Commandment 6: Thou shall follow the law of engagement in social networks.
Commandment 7: Thou shall empower your social network community.
Commandment 8: Thou shall make your website interesting.
Commandment 9: Thou shall listen to your audience.
Commandment 10: Thou shall keep it real.

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  1. Wellness360 on January 28, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    What is good in one context may not necessarily be so in another context. It is good for charles to remind us not to confuse the intrinsic purpose of the website/blog vs social media e.g. Twitter communication channels and the correct etiquette for socoal media.

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