How to do successful

What comes first? Having success or being successful? Who gets to tell you when you’re there?

More importantly, who gets to tell you when you’re not there?

There’s a funny paradox in the world: countless dollars are spent on books and materials teaching how to DO things and yet what is the essential source of that doing? (Other than God, of course)

It’s your BEing.

Thinking that you’ll first DO successful so you can then BE successful is like expecting a tree to grow before planting its seed.

BEing comes first.

This isn’t some sort of new age junk. It’s cold hard math.


The fruit comes from the roots.

Phrasing I enjoy from Dr Wayne Dyer is “contemplate the conditions necessary and surrounding your intention.” If you want more money, contemplate BEing the kind of person, in the kind of situations where you are earning more, investing wisely and experiencing such an abundance of wealth that you have plenty to share with others.

There’s no shortage of people out there who want to “put you in your place.” They’ll say you’re not successful because you don’t have x dollars or because you haven’t done this or you don’t have that. Far too often these people are known as your friends and family. Other times they’re the gurus in your industry or even managers at your job.

They’re so nice right up until you start to see the light and understand that what you create inside is what you’ll produce outside.

When that light bulb appears over your head, it’s like target practice at the gun club. Sort of like how the machines that run The Matrix will do anything possible to keep people from being unplugged and seeing the truth.

Challenges aside, the more you focus on BEing “that person” you see inside yourself, the more DOing the kinds of things that person does (you, by the way) becomes.

Does this mean that if you’re not HAVEing the things you want that you have bad roots? Absolutely not. Don’t get trapped by that lie. You were created perfect. You were created perfectly.

It’s easy to succumb to lies that lead you to think that because you don’t HAVE something or because you’re not DOing something right here and now, that you must not BE the right kind of person either.

Break free from those lies and find your BEing within. Find your roots and nurture them. Choke off the roots of the weeds which have been handed to you by the worldly and the “humanists.” Their self-centered approach doesn’t help them and it’s not going to help you by accepting their junk.

Break free.


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  1. AZMike on October 10, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Hey Dave I like you already.

    Why does such a big percentage of all of us out there suffer from such critical thinking?

    Why aren’t we “good enough” in our own eyes?

    I came across this post awhile back:

    The guy recommended a thirty day fast from all the guru’s, just to clear your head. Now I am a big believer in the whole vacuum model, where if you remove something like when I was delivered from a 4 pack a day habit of smoking cigarettes, what filled the hole? Food and wishing I still smoked, it would have been better to have something to fill this hole (or vacuum) with.

    Well if you go through this fast you may want to stock up on positive affirmations, positive visualizations, positive people and a whole bunch of celery.


    P.S. I invite all of you over to twitter, I can imagine you all will benefit in more ways than I can imagine…?

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