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Meet Matthew Goudge of He’s an Australian chef living in China since 2001.  Chef Matthew and I met online and immediately signed up at He began to apply the strategies to create new relationships and increase his website traffic.

Chef Matthew’s primary market is other chefs.  Helping them network and find the best opportunities and to make a good living doing what they love so much is a clear passion for Chef Matt.

Within a day I received reports about the great results he was seeing.

For some reason his blog was not showing up in the search engines so he was getting very little traffic prior to putting social media networking to work.  After only hours he increased his website exposure and his traffic by hundreds of hits a day.

Did you know a recent survey reported by states that over half-off of small company owners recognize that social Media Marketing creates an advantage for them as business owners?

This shouldn’t be a big surprise when top marketing gurus like Seth Godin have shown very clearly that the days of creating marketing dominance through heavily commoditized products and massive ad campaigns are over.

This creates a huge advantage for you.

While large corporations a scramble to adapt and change to the demands of today’s marketplace you have the opportunity to connect directly with your current and future customers using social media.

Chef Matthew is just one of many stories happening every day as people learn the proper rules of engagement through social media and how to take advantage of these powerful networking tools to take the market on directly.

The benefits of social Media Marketing as a direct engagement tool have many Internet Marketing experts scratching their heads.  There’s an old saying that when you give a man a hammer the world becomes a nail.  In the world of Internet Marketing the paradigm is based on generating as much traffic as possible, getting people to join your list, and then selling what ever you have to anyone willing to buy.

Effective social Media Marketing on the other hand goes beyond simple traffic generation strategies.  There’s nothing wrong with generating lots of traffic to your web site.  The buzz created by an entertaining video or a well-written blog post can be enormous.  The influence that you can wield because of that buzz is equally great.

However social media creates another opportunity and that is the ability to engage people directly.

Imagine that you go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Do you run around the room grabbing every single persons business card and then leave and send each one a letter with a pitch about your product?  This is the paradigm of direct and Internet Marketing.  Smart networkers start with a person talk with them, learn more about who they are and as this conversation continues a wealth of opportunities often unfolds.

You may find the person that you’re speaking to is looking for exactly what you have the offer.

They may have friends or relatives who are looking for exactly what you have to offer and are willing to make introductions.

They may know the exact person in that very room who is literally looking for you and what you have the offer.

This is the power of networking and it’s based on relationships and with social media you can create these relationships quickly and with people all around the world.

Just like Chef Matthew who used social media to create new relationships and generate new buzz about his Australian website while living in China, you can do the same for your business.

What about you?  I’d love the year your story about marketing through social media and share it with others.

Who do you know that could benefit from a new joint venture, new customers, higher search engine ranking and more web site traffic?  I’d appreciate your referral.  Please send them to

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    all very interesting and useful insight. i too am a fan of social media and have found this method to be quite successful for small businesses. Thanks!
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