WordPress 2.7 Beta…

WPcampcena logo #2I just installed the WordPress 2.7 beta. Unlike the fiasco I had with my WordPress 2.6 upgrade, this has been a pleasure so far. First, I managed the upgrade from a coffee shop in DC. It’s surprising the upload was as quick as it was considering how many people are actively using the network at Busboys and Poets, but it worked like a charm. I updated the tables in the database and then popped over to the dashboard…



Yes, WordPress 2.7 is very nifty.

@technosailor tells me it’s a full rewrite of the WordPress backend. The new dashboard makes great use of dynamic interface elements. Of course, being able to move around interface elements would not nearly be enough to warrant even an easy upgrade. There are actually NEW things going on back here too.

For example, I can see recent comments and REPLY to them.

That’s super cool.

I can also create a post, inline, while sitting in the dashboard.

Those two things alone make this upgrade worth it.

Check out WordPress.org for the rest of the updates. It’s a beta right now, so only the brave and foolhardy should upgrade their precious blog to it, but the official release should be out soon enough.


  1. Dr Wright on December 1, 2008 at 4:04 am

    After hearing a few people had trouble with their upgrade, I was not going to chance it!
    Now that this one works better, I feel a LITTLE less intimidated about it.

    Still not that confident!

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

    • Dave Saunders on December 1, 2008 at 4:45 pm

      Hey Dr Wright,

      So far so good with WordPress 2.7. I was told by @technosailor that the Thesis WP theme has a few minor glitches with 2.7 when it comes to viewing the configuration panel, but those glitches don’t hurt anything or block any of the functionality.

      Other than that, everything is working well and I must say that the WordPress 2.7 backend is so cool I don’t think I’d be willing to downgrade even if there was a bug!

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