Positioning yourself online

When it comes to positioning yourself online with social media, it’s best to match it with the concept of how you would do the same thing at a party or networking function. The goal of your conversations is not your pitch but rather to establish relevance with the other person. If the conversation moves to what you do and you have an opportunity to talk about it, without going into pitch-mode, then you should do so. If not, you should continue the conversation and be the kind of person that is present in the moment.

Many sales and marketing professionals are familiar with the concept of a sales funnel. People you meet enter into the top and some come out the bottom as customers. Why doesn’t everyone come out the bottom as a customer? It’s because not everyone wants what you have to offer right now.

People who think their product is something every person on the planet must have should take heed. Even if that’s true, not everyone wants it now, or wants it from you. Focus instead on those who do and accept those who don’t.

At the top of the funnel, it’s about you being part of a community. In YourSocialBrand.com I teach something I call the Social Media Marketing Funnel which focuses on how social media leads people into your funnel.

1. Presence
2. Content
3. Engagement
4. Interaction

These four things can reflect your passions for good health, but if you present yourself as a walking billboard, you get ignored in the Social Media world pretty quickly.

Of course, this is how it tends to work with face-to-face networking as well. At a Toastmasters meeting (for example), walking billboards tend to receive polite smiles and nods and that’s about it.

As you develop your presence online, generate content and engage others you become a real person online.

Your blogs and the lower parts of your sales funnel can be tightly niched and they should be too. How about a blog and landing page on weight loss for people with mobility issues? By talking to that audience, you’re going to develop a stronger rapport through your blog posts and articles and others will certainly know what kind of referrals you’re looking for.

People get exposed to you. Some eventually know/like/trust you and start to look at the links you’ve place on your profiles and they read and subscribe to your blog. Others just click with you right away and scour through whatever you’ve linked to. This is where the funnel starts to attract the right people towards you. You’ve now stepped into an environment where you are not only seen sharing news and insight about your passions, but you’re also seen as a real person.

I’ve received recent inquiries because of content I created on one social media site over two years ago. I can also see from my traffic logs that I’ve even received visitors due to comments I left on someone else’s blog some time ago. Apparently the comment was a good one a reader clicked on my name which took them to my site.

Compare this to a Chamber of Commerce meeting. How often do you receive referrals from one of those due to a time you showed up two years ago?

That’s the real power of social interaction online: the footprints you leave.

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