How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic: a Blogger Chef’s Point of View

This is a story shared from a new friend of mine. It just goes to show that any niche can find a place on the Internet!

Like every other blogger, I was fairly clueless when I started blogging. I supposed I even started with no plan at all. I wanted my blog to succeed and to have a huge traffic, but I had no idea how to go about it when I started. Like everyone else, I thought it was easy. After all, there are a lot of people who are actually earning a lot of money by blogging. They made blogging look so easy. However, the truth is an entirely different story.

A View of ProChef360 Blog

I am Matthew Goudge of I started my blog and my website to in order to create a specialized networking solution for many professional chefs like me. My intention was to create a platform that would help eliminate geographical, personal or professional boundaries between professional chefs from all over the world. My blog is committed to creating and maintaining worldwide affiliations for the benefit of everyone working in the culinary industry.

The Blogging Struggle, Survival and Success

I was driven by these blogging objectives, but I soon realized that it was not easy to grow my blog. I was initially having problems. I was having difficulty increasing website traffic. My blog was not showing up in search engines. I knew I was doing something wrong, so I had to pinpoint weaknesses and focus on applying SEO strategies.

Over several months, I managed to increase my traffic and I saw increasingly great results. In truth, there are several factors that contribute to this turnabout and I am willing to share them. Like with everything else, you can’t do things halfway. If you want to get people to visit your blog, you need to be passionate about it. Your passion should reflect on your blog. You should make sure that you keep it constantly updated with new articles and informative materials. This is what I did.

I also made sure that my website is user-friendly and that my visitors can easily find their way around. Aside from this, I also posted search engine optimized pictures. Not only do these photos help the blog in the aesthetic sense, they also help attract visitors regularly.

I have also discovered that writing and posting articles regularly can be a very effective search engine optimization tool. I discovered that I needed to post articles that will always drive hits. I needed cornerstone articles – those that will attract visitors even during days when I do not post anything. Aside from this, I also made sure that I bookmarked every new article. Meta-tags were completed. I also started to regularly submit articles, write-ups and reviews to article directories.

I also adopted other SEO measures. I made sure that I submitted my blog to blog directories. I took time to make one-way link submissions. I started posting in various online forums. And of course, I began to play with social media.

I started setting up accounts in various social networking sites like Facebook and Plaxo and I became active in various social media sites like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Twitter. By doing all these things, I was able to create a database of loyal subscribers. Indeed, social media marketing has been a very effective engagement tool for me. I have discovered that this is the paradigm for generating traffic and getting people to subscribe.

I cannot say that I have reached my objectives. I still have a lot of things to do to get there, but I am happy that my efforts are yielding great results. I believe it won’t be too long before I finally get what I really want from my blog. In due time, my website will be the networking platform for all chefs in every corner of the world.


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  2. Rob on January 26, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    I agree, Robert. Submitting to the Blog Directories is one of the best things I’ve started doing.

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