Digg Makes a Better Shovel

Digg has released a new browser extension called DiggBar. It provides a significant uasbility improvement over the previous Digg Toolbar.

If you’re getting sick of toolbars taking up the top portion of your browser, DiggBar should make you happy. As you can see if the video, it only appears when you’re digging a page and then poof it’s gone.

The other handy improvement with DiggBar, over the previous Digg toolbar, is that when you Digg content that is already dugg, DiggBar simply adds your vote…without the need to open another browser window. It makes me wonder if someone at Digg installed the StumbleUpon toolbar and realized that it’s easy to use in every way that Digg is a hassle and a bore.

Not that I have an opinion on the subject…

Now that you have DiggBar installed, what can you digg?

  1. News stories of interest to you: Digging content of interest to you applies to everything else as well.
  2. Pictures: Check out sites like Flickr.com and picasaweb.com for pictures you find interesting, surprising, shocking, etc. and like with everything else make sure it’s something you’re ok being “seen with.”
  3. Videos: Youtube.com viddler.com and the many, many video sharing sites out there provide tons of content…most of it not worth watching…Digg the stuff that’s interesting to you…
  4. Your own content (blog): Do this very sparingly. The core Digg community opperates someone like a cartel (think of OPEC in the 70s) and some love to snoop around the profiles of others to see if they are spending too much time “self-promoting.” If you have a killer blog post, it might be best to ask someone you know to Digg it for you…or wait for it to happen naturally.

In case you’re wondering why I keep repeating the “of interest to you” point, the reason is simple. Everything you Digg is attached to your account. From a personal branding standpoint, people get a feel for who you are based on the types of things you’re interested in. When it comes to Digg, they look at your profile and observe your Digg history. While the news item about the Beer Pong championship might be amusing, it might not be something you want as a part of your persona brand.

You leave a trail on the Internet, so just use some thought…

Being a part of the Digg community also means engaging others through the comments on digg.com

Even though Digg has a feature called “shout” which allows you to broadcast a message to all your Digg-friends, it should be renamed to “piss everyone off.” Shouts are better left unused…when it is ok to use a shout? You’ll know when….

Digg is a fun site and there’s a reason it gets as much traffic as it does. Step into the cocktail party of social media and have some fun.


  1. Jim Hickey on April 9, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Hi Dave,

    Great info. It looks like a fantastic tool with the added benefit of saving time when “digging” content 🙂

    Seems to me it will also help with some of my “Synnd” efforts.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Jim H.

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