Analyze Your Personal Brand

When you brand yourself, it’s important to take some time to analyze who you are, what you want, and what you want to do with your life. In this blog post, we explore how to analyze yourself as part of constructing your own personal brand. Read on….


In another blog post titled “Who Needs a Customer? (More About Personal Branding)”, I wrote about the importance of defining and analyzing your target market. In this blog post below, we review how to analyze yourself as you build your personal brand.

In order to explore this idea, let’s look at the product world of cars.

Toyota has many different brands of vehicles. Each model has its own identity:

  • Prius (eco-friendly hybrid)
  • Corolla (compact and takes you where you need to go)
  • Camry (rejuvenates the senses, and it does so sensibly)
  • Camry Solara (sporty – driving ought to be fun)
  • Avalon (well-deserved luxury)
  • Not to mention Toyota’s trucks, SUVs, and their Lexus brand.

Toyota knows each of their brands inside and out. They’ve analyzed their brands to the point of knowing what characteristics their brands need to have in order to appeal to the brand’s target market. Every detail is scrutinized and then utilized to its maximum potential, in order to sell as many cars as possible.

In a similar way, in order to brand yourself you need to analyze your brand.

Start your analysis by considering your past accomplishments and your strengths that were highlighted by your achievements. Also think about other strengths, skills, and talents you have that might have not been utilized in your work (such as your work on a community project or board).

Besides your strengths, brainstorm your positive attributes. For example, are you responsible, adaptable, or organized? Do you have high integrity, enthusiasm, or professionalism? Ask a few trusted friends, family, or colleagues to help you come up with a full list.

Next consider how you prefer to be known. If someone introduced you in one or two sentences (without using your current title), how would you prefer to be described?

Think about what you can do for a company (or for your business) that fits your strengths, attributes, and what you want to be known for.

Consider what you value in terms of work, business, and people.

When you combine these things together, you will start to get a better picture of yourself as a personal brand.


Glory Borgeson is a business coach, author, and speaker.

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