How to get the right keywords

No matter what your marketing strategy is for developing your online presence, knowing what people are looking for gives you valuable insight into what you should be talking about. Using free tools, you can find the top, most searched keywords and then write content to match with it.

How to find keywords is easier than you think with the tricks I show you in this video. Just watch and get started right away.

What is a keyword?

I’ve found that a lot of people think there’s some sort of voodoo surrounding the concept of keywords in search engines.

A keyword is simply a match between a search phrase and where it’s found in content indexed by the search engine.

That means a keyword is anything you type into the search engine.

Some keywords get used a lot. Type ‘golf’ into Google and you’ll see there millions of pages that contain that word. Now type your own name into Google.

How many results did you get?

How close was something directly relating to you at the top of the list of results?

See? Even your own name can be a keyword if someone is looking for it…

Which leads me to a truth many ‘SEO specialists’ don’t want you to know.

While everything and anything can be a keyword, it’s doesn’t really matter if no one is looking for it.

If you’re company name is “Bob’s Super Mega-Blaster Design Firm” you should have no problem getting the #1 search listing in Google for that keyword, but how many people are looking for “Bob’s Super Mega-Blaster Design Firm”?

Given an obscure enough search phrase, ANYONE can have the #1 spot in Google.

The moral of the story is: if you want to be found online, use keywords that other people are looking for.


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