The true nature of social media

Social Media Marketing As the Internet continues to grow and expand social Media Properties like twitter and Facebook have become destination sites for many people.  Fortune 500 companies are even beginning to shift some of their marketing dollars to social media marketing.  Artists and celebrities are also discovering social media.  While some media moguls clearly have no idea what they’re doing on Twitter, one thing is crystal clear.

Social media is where the people are at.

It is this simple and yet profound fact that seems to confound corporations stuck in their desire to control the public through their marketing, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs who joined social media sites and clog the airwaves with constant self promotion and web site links.

True masters of social media recognize the key principle that has been a constant since the very beginning of the Internet.

The Internet is all about people.

It really doesn’t matter which of the many social media tools you use.  It doesn’t matter how many of the social media sites you join.  It doesn’t matter which is the best social media site and it really doesn’t matter which one is the worst.  The only thing that really matters is whether or not people are connecting.

Some say sites like MySpace are no longer cool.  Yet millions of people still visit this site every day.  Discussion forums are still active.  People are still connecting through MySpace.  Does it really matter to those people how much global traffic the site receives if they are still able to engage the people with whom they have common interests?

Marketers beware: trend analysis represents a map of the real world.  The data is an invaluable starting point to aid in the navigation of the many opportunities possible when it comes to sharing your message through the Internet.  However in the real world you don’t find trends.  You find people.  Treat them as such and they will respond.  Talk to them like mindless sheep and they will tune you out.

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