Claim Your Name On Facebook for your Personal Brand

As of midnight last night, Facebook added the new capability of customizing your web address.

Before that your address was a hard to remember series of numbers.

Now it can be as simple as

Here’s how to make a personal address on Facebook

To claim your name on Facebook, simply visit the address below and follow the instructions on the screen.

My suggestion is that you claim your own name for your Facebook profile.


Because Facebook is about connecting people. Choosing your company name or some cheesy catch phrase may work against you.

In some cases, it could be an effective branding tool…

Here are some examples…  — turn off — Awesome! — eww — WOOT! — Ouch, really? Facebook is for people. Get a page.

That’s my opinion, ok? If you actually claimed “mycandlebusiness” let me know how that works for ya…

In the future, there will be additional options to position your business on Facebook. I’ve got some videos coming on that, but I need to wait for them to turn the new options on.

Once you set your name, Facebook doesn’t let you change it.

So choose wisely…

Have you set yours up? Leave a comment below and let me know…

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