Build Your Personal Brand: Create a Brand Message

Product brand managers create messages about their products that get ingrained in our minds and encourage us to buy. Those messages tell us something about the product and the benefits to us as consumers if we purchase their products. Likewise, as a personal brand, you need to develop at least one brand message about yourself that tells your target market what you bring to the table, the benefits they receive from doing business with you, and it has to be a message that draws them in! Read on to find out more about creating your own personal brand message.


When we’re out in “consumer world” deciding which products to consume, we often make a purchase decision based on a prior positive experience with a product, service, or store (or based on a friend’s positive experience).

The people who developed the products, services, or stores worked diligently to create a positive experience for you. Behind your positive experience is their brand message which underlies all of the decisions for their product or business. This is more than just a tagline. The tagline is always communicated to customers. The brand message may be communicated to customers or it may be kept internally.

Your personal brand messages will include a value proposition and a personal brand statement.

The value proposition is connected to your competitive analysis, spelling out the strengths you bring to the table better than your competition. (See the blog article I wrote earlier titled “Analyze Your Competition”.)

The personal brand statement is a sentence or two about you that highlights your attributes, your strengths, a new business strategy you’ve created, your expertise, or some combination of these.

The statement may be something that you actually print on a card or tell people, or it may be something that you “keep internal,” print out and post where only you will see it, and keep in the forefront of your mind as you go about your business day.

I’m really simplifying it here; getting to your personal brand statement is actually a lot more involved than it sounds. You need to answer a lot of questions and get through a lot of brainstorming. Then you take all of your ideas and, if I can relate this idea to cooking a sauce on the stove, you would “cook the sauce,” so to speak, until it reduces to only the best stuff. With some work and fine-tuning, you eventually arrive at your personal brand statement.

Years ago, I had a boss who told me I was very efficient. The problem was that his comment was not necessarily a compliment. Let’s say, for the sake of an example, that I wanted turn that boss’ negative into a positive, and I wanted to take all of my abilities regarding “being efficient” and turn that into a great asset, and then into a personal brand statement.

Let’s say that after doing a lot of work on this I realized I was not only efficient in my own work, but that I also knew how to re-engineer business processes (well, I basically do know how to do that) so that they ran more efficiently (and cheaper, leaner, and more productively, leading to happier employees and customers, lower expenses, and – the best part – higher net profit).

And let’s say after doing all of the work I needed to do in order to create a personal brand statement, I came up with this:

Designing efficient business processes that result in increased profit.

That’s a very quick example of creating a personal brand statement, which I would then get etched onto my mind so that it would be what my “internal customers” at the company I work for (as well as other “target market” people) experience whenever they do business with me.

Also, if the personal brand statement I initially thought of (like the one above) was too boring for my target market people, I would tweak it until it had more “pop.”

Remember, the most important thing you need to know about personal branding is this:

If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will; and it probably won’t be the brand you want!


Glory Borgeson is a business coach, author, and speaker.

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  1. Jean-Paul on June 15, 2009 at 10:42 am

    Hi Dave,

    I saw your blog’s link on Social Media Marketing Mastermind, and I decided to visit your blog.I like the example and you are totally right.
    It is important to understand that if we don’t brand ourselves, others will do it…and sometimes in the wrong way.


  2. Glory Borgeson on June 29, 2009 at 11:16 am


    Actually it’s Glory Borgeson, guest-blogging on Dave’s blog! Thanks for your thoughts.

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