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The Critical Need for Consistency In a Brand

Years ago…I got a ticket for an expired inspection sticker. I had been in Japan and after getting back I went off on a ski trip with the rest of my engineering group. While there, the State inspection for my Explorer expired. As I was driving home (early because I had to catch a flight…

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Zen and the Art of SEO

A lot of energy goes into search engine optimization. Searching for the best keyword phrases. Comparing keyword density between your site and the next guy. Looking for the latest tricks for getting indexed quickly. It’s a big cat and mouse game. There’s a bigger consideration you should be making though. What do you want someone…

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What’s Your Style?

In personal branding there are two types of style. One is the kind which has little meaning. If you’ve ever heard someone refer to personal branding as “style over substance” that person is thinking of this: a signature haircut, a catch phrase a flower in your lapel every time you go out. If your personal…

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