What’s Your Style?

In personal branding there are two types of style. One is the kind which has little meaning. If you’ve ever heard someone refer to personal branding as “style over substance” that person is thinking of this: a signature haircut, a catch phrase a flower in your lapel every time you go out.

If your personal brand relies on the shape of your eye glasses, you’re in trouble.

The style that feeds substance into your personal brand is the style that drives your actions.

Are you a creative thinker?

Are you highly organized?

Are you an eloquent speaker or a person of few words?

Do you seek the opportunity in all things or are you the type who points out all the land mines?

Are you a high energy person or the “even keel?”

Do you tear up when puppies get their first nail trim or are you Spock?

None of these examples are right or wrong. They’re reflective of the way people do the things they do. When you recognize your style you can apply it to one of the most important attributes of a personal brand: consistency.

Lacking self-awareness of your style can lead to more erratic and reactive behavior. Others aren’t sure what to expect of you.

Professionally, this can lead to trouble.

Imagine paying to see Tony Robbins in one of his performance enhancing extravaganzas.

Hi…[sigh] I’m Tony Robbins…I’m  little tired today, but I’m here to help you achieve a new level of personal mastery and performance…can I get a woot? [sigh]

That just wouldn’t do, would it?

It’s not just about the content Tony Robbins delivers. He delivers his content with a style that reflects the fires burning inside him. Maybe you’re not getting up on stage week after week, but in your job and your profession people are expecting you to “perform” in some way.

The style of Tony Robbins is not dictated by the nature of his content. I’ve seen motivational speakers who charged up the audience with a calm, measured demeanor.

What are you styles? If you haven’t thought about it before, make a list (or better yet, a mindmap) and do a bit of self-exploration. Call friends. Call enemies. Solicit input and get a feel for what other people think your natural style happens to be. Then, take that knowledge as start using it as a “North star” for your activities in your job, your business, on social media and with your friends and family. The result should be a lot more relaxed enjoyment in life.

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