Personal Branding 101 – Three Steps To Building Your Personal Brand As A Professional Speaker

One of the most important skills that we can develop to enhance our business success and our personal success is that of being able to speak and present in from of others. However, few of us ever get assistance and guidance in presenting and speaking in public.

Being able to connect with an audience, no matter if there are 3 people or 3000 people in a room or at a virtual event such as a webinar or teleconference and being able to deliver a clear and inspiring message is a sure fire way to build your reputation and personal brand.

Whether we speak for a fee or for a free, speaking and presenting can support our goal of positioning ourselves as an expert in our field and can lead to more clients and potential joint ventures.

So here are three steps for building your personal brand as an inspiring and confident speaker:

1. Understand Your Audience – Make sure that you research who will be listening to you speaking or presenting. What is their previous experience of your subject matter? What are the areas that they are going to be most interested to hear about? Being able to address their key areas of concern and offer a clear and compelling answer to their problem will ensure that you get remembered after the live event.

2. Develop Relevant Content – Very often as experts in our subject matter, it can be easy to be over zealous and wanting to deliver too much content that we leave our audience confused and ourselves under time pressure. If you are speaking for only 30 minutes, then identify the three key messages you want to deliver.

3. Become a Great Storyteller – Take the time to research stories and content that reflect your audience and use the language that they are familiar with. Your efforts in customising content will enhance your standing and reputation in the eyes of your audience. Using stories to bring to life your presentation will help your audience connect to the content.

Take these three steps and you will be on your way to building your reputation as a great professional speaker.

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