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Give the gift of clean water

In spite of the tradeoffs, I’m thankful for the water we have available to us from coast to coast. Yeah, I know it’s got chlorine in it. I’m not a fan of drinking water directly from the tap. I don’t want that chlorine in my body. I’d also rather not breathe it into my lungs…

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Sometimes You Gotta Hang In There

On this day in 1922 archaeologist Howard Carter and his patron Lord  Carnarvon became the first people in more than 3,000 years to enter the tomb of Egypt’s child pharaoh, Tutankhamun otherwise known as King Tut. This is an interesting story on Thanksgiving, because this is a story which nearly did not happen. First, all…

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New FTC Rules and the Absurdity of “Typical Results”

Starting on December 1, the FTC is dropping a bomb on the world of online marketing. It impacts the use of endorsements and testimonials and from my reading it appears that these new guidelines have nothing to do with ensuring truthful use of endorsements and testimonials, but rather seeks to eliminate them as a form…

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