Smelly Airline Passengers Now News, Post Kevin Smith

That’s right. Now that Kevin Smith has raised a ruckus online over being kicked off a flight for being too fat, other passengers are raising a stink.


Hmmmm…too soon?

I find this story amusing. A man was kicked off a Jazz Air flight. His smell was later described as “brutal” by another passenger. If you’ve ever flown to Japan beside a woman bathed in horrible cologne, you can image the bar for “brutal” is pretty low too. Odd, considering that I saw a Discovery Channel show that said your sense of smell is weak on an airplane.

So if this guy was brutal in the air, what did he smell like on the ground?


This raises some interesting issues though. What if this guy started tweeting about being kicked off a plane for being too ripe? Would he end up getting props on TMZ?

So if you take off your shoes on the plane (which is a good way to avoid blood clots in your legs, I’ve read), are you going to get booted too?

What if you chew too loud?

I hate it when people clack their teeth on a fork…can I get them kicked off?

Are we seeing a trend start here and is it good or bad?

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