Turning Lack into an Asset

Everyone starts somewhere. Invariably, that somewhere is “the beginning.” The beginning may look different on the surface from one person to the next but absolutely no one is born playing violin, writing novels, doing taxes, hunting down all the Jedi in the universe, pounding on opponents in heavy weight fights or winning bouts on The Iron Chef.

So while being a 3rd don black belt is super-cool, that same person started with a white belt, no belt or their pants down around his or her ankles (literally and/or metaphorically speaking). The same can be said about you for everything you’re good at today.

And what’s wrong with that?

There’s energy in newness.

I know people on Elance who created an account and then bid on jobs saying “I’m so new, I’m going to bed over backwards to give you a better experience than anyone else bidding on this job.”

I once worked at a communications hardware company that sold millions of 56K modems months before they finished inventing everything necessary to ship the product.

I’ve personally stood in front of company CEO’s saying “this has never been done before and that’s why we should do it,” and they said yes.

And find me someone who worked on the NASA Moon launch team with experience sending rockets to the moon.

Inexperience doesn’t mean incompetence. We just elected a President with no real executive experience. Of course, now that he’s there it’s his job to step up and do what he needs to do and learn what he needs to learn, and deliver.

Watch the movie Julie and Julie (I know, there’s a book too). I presume Julie Powel at least knew how to boil water and pop stuff in the microwave, but was probably not ready to bone a duck when she started her blog. That wasn’t enough of a reason for her not to start, but I see people much further down the road look at blogging, consulting, writing, building a shed and all sorts of other things with an amazing level of fear…due entirely to their lack of experience.

No matter what it is that you’d like to do. If you think you’re missing something before you can get started, ask yourself how that lack is actually an asset. Reframe how to see lack and turn it into something you have that’s a gift.

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  1. Marie Prentice on February 24, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    I couldn't agree more, if anything those who lack in the experience department are only graced with the opportunity to showcase enthusiasm and grit. Building experience is also where character is built.

    Love how it ties into blogging, thanks for this.

    Marie P.


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