Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

While flipping through headlines with Feedly (ok, while ‘x’ing out dozens of articles in the blink of an eye, without reading them, using Feedly), I stopped at this Life Hack article: 11 Simple Ways To Avoid Burnout

All great ideas, but it was #5 that made me laugh.

Write a Manifesto

Wow, I typically use the word manifesto in the pejorative sense. Just the word manifesto makes me think of some long pedantic pontification. (what’s a ‘p’ word that means narcissistic?)

I know people who write emails so long you’d think their ISP was paying by the byte. Those are manifestos by my reckoning—low on “the point” and high on “droning nonsense I can’t follow.”

Of course, there’s Ted Kaczynki’s Unibomber Manifesto—seriously, could this thing be any more boring? The papers should have run it sooner if that’s all it took to shut him the hell up.

The United States Declaration of Independence is a manifesto. I had to look that up as an example. I happen to like that manifesto. Sure, it’s not exactly bedtime reading but it’s worth having a copy on your iPhone in case you need to win a bar bet.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789) – vive la liberté – yeah that one is cool

Communist Manifesto (1848) – hated it.

The Hacker’s Manifesto (1986) – Uhm, I heard about it…yeah…

Your Personal Manifesto

Maybe a personal manifesto isn’t such a bad idea after all. At least if it ends up a turkey you’ll be dead someday and won’t care if people blog mean things about it.

Write your narrative. What are you about? What are your real values? Values that go so deep to who you are that they don’t require explanation—they just are.

A personal manifesto can help bring focus to your job, your family life and the impact you want to make on the world.

It can even help you realize—or remember—the impact you intend(ed) to make.

With the weekend upon us, it’s a great time to reflect and work on yours. Have a chat with a friend and talk through it. Make a mindmap. Get out some crayons and just draw pictures. Do what it takes to bring those ideas back to the top. They’re probably buried under layers of GoldenBuddhaSchmutz so it might take some effort to prime the pump. Don’t let any of that stand in your way though. The world is waiting for you to do what you were put here for.

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