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TEDxOilSpill Seeking Solutions and Change

There’s a new TEDx event in DC and it’s focused on the oil spill and what we can do about it. Of course, it’s very easy to yell “boycot BP” from the towers, but if you think for more than 5 seconds about how the world oil market works, that’s not really a useful solution.…

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Connecting Communities with Social Media

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter and #DCWeek, I’ve been discovering businesses and business owners in the DC area that are worth paying notice. How social media can be used for local, as opposed to borderless, community connections has become a recent fascination for me. Even for larger businesses, community events can be a great…

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Do You See What I See?

I ran into this picture while trolling along with StumbleUpon. It caught my breath and an “ohhhh” escaped my lips. It only took a split second to like this picture and I quickly made it my desktop picture. It just clicked. As I examine the picture some more, different elements sink in. I like the…

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