Do You See What I See?

I ran into this picture while trolling along with StumbleUpon. It caught my breath and an “ohhhh” escaped my lips. It only took a split second to like this picture and I quickly made it my desktop picture.

It just clicked.

As I examine the picture some more, different elements sink in.

I like the balance of the composition,

the repeating elements of how all the houses are the same color,

the contrast with the foliage,

the blueness of the sky, and the whispy clouds,

the rustic nature of the setting…I see an aerial in the background…I wonder if they have broadband there…how’s the 3G coverage?

That’s all well and good, but when I had my first glance, I don’t think any of those things popped into my head. It was a simple, primal connection.

Ohhh nice picture.

I like red too.

Simple as that.

You may see this picture and have an entirely different experience. Whatever that experience happens to be, it’s your experience.

That’s good enough.

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