Great Moments in Social Media Customer Service: Thanks Bose

Bose In-Ear Headphones

I love my Bose ear buds. They rock. They’re very comfortable. They fit my ears (which many ear buds don’t). I’m on my third pair, as I lost my first pair at a hotel in Vermont (which is to say, I forgot them when I checked out), bought a replacement pair and then upgraded to the version with the integrated mic.

Anyway, there’s a little clip that attaches the cord to your shirt. It’s handy because it prevents the cord from whipping around when you walk and if you take the buds out of your ears, you can let them drop and the clip prevents them from dragging on the floor.

In my experience, they’re not built to last. There’s a little pin that breaks off. It’s happened three times now.

The clip is lame.

When it happened the third time, I mentioned on Twitter that Bose should sell the clips in six packs, because they keep breaking on me.

A short while later, I get a tweet from someone at Bose offering to send me a replacement.


It turns out this is called the Stability Enhancement Accessory.

Really, it’s a shirt clip. C’mon.

Whatever it’s called, I was mailed a new one and it arrived yesterday.

Now, how much did this really cost Bose? Less than a dollar?

Will this make me buy more Bose products? Well, I’m not making any promises, but “probably.”

This is a great example of simple social media engagement. Your business might not have the online volume of mentions as a company like Bose, but considering how easy basic monitoring like this can be, it only makes sense to do it.

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