TEDxOilSpill Seeking Solutions and Change


There’s a new TEDx event in DC and it’s focused on the oil spill and what we can do about it. Of course, it’s very easy to yell “boycot BP” from the towers, but if you think for more than 5 seconds about how the world oil market works, that’s not really a useful solution.

Instead perhaps it’s time to open our minds and think a bit more on solutions for the short term as well as the long.

As I write this, TEDxOilSpill is on a lunch break.

You can watch the speakers live at this page:


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The thing I love about TED is that not all of the speakers are rock stars on stage. They’re real people sharing their ideas. It would be all to easy to shape TED into an elitist organization that only welcomes people with more professional speaking credentials. To me that would be a violation of the TED credo “Ideas worth spreading” so kudos to the obviously nervous speakers who get on stage to give voice to their thoughts.

Did you watch #TEDxOilSpill? What were your thoughts?

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