How does your personal brand support your customer’s experience?

What if you gave your product away but charged admission for people to work with you? Would the experience your customers get be worth the admission price?

Disney does this. You pay a handsome price to get in the park and then all the rides are free. When I was young, I remember going with my parents to Disney World. My mom never got on a single ride. She took pictures and brought my brother and I towels when we came from the water ride soaking wet.

Did she need to ride the rides to get her money’s worth? She says no. She got the experience.

What do your customers get?

Chances are, your products and services can be found elsewhere. What experiences do your customers get along with the “product”? How does that experience showcase and create the context which encapsulates the entire experience? Your personal brand feeds this as well. Whether you closely tie yourself to each client or you’re the distant guru, that persona shapes how your customers experience you and how they experience what you offer.

My mom never complained about not riding the rides at Disney because she got the experience she wanted and she paid the same as everyone else who rode the rides from sun up to sun down. How about your customers? If you stopped charging to ride the rides and instead charged admission for what you do, would you customers get more or less value from the experience?

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