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Taking’s super encoder for a spin

A new service from was released today called Upload a video to and they will encode it into a bunch of format and give you an HTML5 universal embed code which lets you share that video with a very long list of devices. To try it out, I uploaded a 4:26 minute…

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The relationship between content and SEO

If you want to get found more, you need more content. It’s that simple. I’m not going to drone on about how that content must be quality content. I don’t believe in producing junk content and I’m sure you don’t want to be a search engine spammer either. Each piece of content you create is…

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How to make to make your marketing copy suck less

As CES was underway this past week, I monitored news releases, blog posts and product announcements from companies with cool new things to share with the world. While the things they had to talk about did seem cool, the ways in which many companies shared the news was, in my sometimes-not-so-humble opinion, so ridiculously bad…

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